5 Ways to Make Your Laptop Feel New

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During these difficult times we are facing with COVID-19 and an immense uncertainty in many aspects of our lives, it is understandable why buying a new laptop would be out of the question. Gently used technology is a great option during this uncharted territory but if you are on the fence, why not reboot your current Macbook or HP Laptop. There are several ways to make your laptop feel brand new again from the physical laptop to decluttering the internal system. Let us walk you through five effective tricks on how to speed up your old device and make it run like the first day you took it out of the box.

Clear Out the Clutter
Uninstall old apps and programs you no longer use, get rid of browser extensions you no longer need, delete photo duplicates, remove previous phone backups and empty your trash.
Amp Up The Storage Space
Spare hard drive space is often used as an overflow for system memory. Get an external hard drive for more space and give your device room to breathe.
Go Through The Operating System
If you are using a Mac find your storage tab within the About this Mac dropdown, from there you can manage or delete previous downloads and files you no longer utilize.
Download the latest operating system
Most of your applications need the latest version to run at optimal levels and functionality.
Clean the exterior of your laptop including the vents that often build up dust and make your fans run hot.
Extra – Change the aesthetics of your laptop and make it look NEW. Buy a new case, change your wallpaper, and reorganize your desktop folders.

When all else fails, backup your important files to an external hard drive and factory reset your device. Install back your favorite applications and import your files OR come to our Maple Grove location and find a new, refurbished laptop or Macbook.