4 Ways to Find Normalcy For Your Kids This Fall

Creating Normalcy For your Kids in 2020
Creating Normalcy For your Kids in 2020

As the start of the school year looks different, the Device Pitstop of Maple Grove wants students to have the same back to school experience as years past while being safe! So call up your inner circle and put on these four simple yet fun events to bring the canceled after school activities to your kids.

DIY State Fair

  • We know all Minnesotans are missing the State Fair this year; it’s a staple and must for both young and old. Plan your own State Fair this year! Pinterest has delicious recipes for cheese curds and deep-fried Oreos (a personal favorite of the Device Pitstop team). While local grocery stores are selling State Fair inspired Corndogs and Sweet Martha’s cookie dough. Add in a few carnival games, the ring toss, and the can knockdown, and you have the perfect day at the fair right from your own home. 

Flag Football Tournament

  • We all used to love this game back in the day in P.E. class and, you can bring it to your little ones. Get the neighborhood together and pick teams and go head to head at your community park!

Movie Night Under the Stars

  • Enjoy a fall evening outside snacking on popcorn and watching the latest kid’s movies. You only need a projector and a white sheet and a little imagination! Set up pillows and sleeping bags in your backyard or even pitch a tent for the night if you want to pretend like you are on a family vacation. 

Track and Field Day

  • Track and Field day will be a missed event this year by all grades of students. A perfect one to plan with a few families from your kid’s grade or the get the neighborhood in on it! Classic events are tug-of-war, the mile, long jump, and the relay race. This not only gets your kids active but helps them learn how to work together with others as a team. 

While we know that the start of the 2020-2021 school year is a challenge, these four events will bring up your kid’s spirits and have them feeling like a kid again!