Welcome the New Year by Making a “New-To-You” Resolution

Making a “New-To-You” Resolution

2020 New Years Resolutions

One of the biggest news stories of 2019 was that recycling is no longer the panacea Americans believed it to be. Much of what is put into our recycling bins is no longer being recycled, but is instead piling up in landfills.

With the new year upon us, it’s time to make a resolution to increase the “reduce” and “reuse” elements of our aim to “reduce, reuse, recycle.” How?

Here are some easy ways to get started:


Look for events in your community where participants can swap everything from tools to books to specialty items like sporting goods and children’s toys or clothing – one person’s unwanted goods are another person’s treasure!

Alternately, bringing your items (like unworn or gently used clothing) to a consignment store allows you to receive a set amount for your goods, but the store itself takes care of the sales. And when you shop at consignment stores, you can save a great deal of money on items that are often brand new or next to new.


Similar to community swap events, “buy nothing” groups can often be found online. Participants post items they have, but no longer want or need and group members can communicate to pick the items up for free.


From exercise equipment and specialty sporting goods to electronics, there are amazing deals to be had when you look at something as “new to you.” A great example is Twin Cities-based Device Pitstop.

“Our stores sell all the top brands and latest models of laptops, smartphones, tablets, gaming devices and more. Each device is thoroughly tested and inspected, certified and comes with our exclusive warranty,” said Brad Swenson, general manager, Device Pitstop. “If you’re looking to upgrade your tech devices, it’s worth a stop into your local Device Pitstop store. You’ll be surprised to find that you can upgrade to a ‘new-to-you’ device in nearly new condition for a price that fits your budget.”

Best of all, when you’re buying any previously owned item, you’re keeping it out of a landfill.


Americans are used to a disposable culture – something breaks or gets a bit worn down and we just toss it and purchase a new one. But repairing is back in style – from community repair workshops to reasonably priced repair services offered through sellers and third-party organizations.

“At Device Pitstop, our Pit Crew is specially trained to do tech repairs on everything from laptop virus removal to smartphone screen fixes,” said Swanson. “We get it back to you quickly and in much better condition than when you brought it in.”

So, in 2020, start looking at your possessions through a new lens – as valuable commodities to repair or trade and place them in the trash only as a last resort. The options available to you are nearly endless, so do some exploring then swap or repair away!



Device Pitstop sells the top brands of tech devices like laptops, tablets, smartphones and more. Customers get certified, pre-owned devices at affordable prices with a warranty. Device Pitstop also pays cash-on-the-spot for used devices and members of the Pit Crew offer repairs and upgrades quickly, for less.

Device Pitstop minimizes the impact of technology on the environment by reusing devices and various parts where we can and recycling what can’t be repaired or reused. Retail locations are in Maple Grove, Maplewood, Minnetonka, Eden Prairie and Burnsville.