Fast, Affordable Mac & PC Computer Repair in Lexington

At Device Pitstop, we understand computer repair. We have been repairing and upgrading computers since 2003. From motherboard replacements to overheating issues, we can fix it all. We consider ourselves experts in the business and no matter how old the computer is or what the issue is, we are here to help get the job done right the first time!

In addition, we are not completely satisfied with simply fixing a single problem with your machine and assuming everything else is okay. If there is more going on, we want to ensure that it is thoroughly fixed. So, every time you bring in your computer or laptop for service, we will run a full diagnostic test to make sure that everything’s running great. We want you to walk out the door with confidence that we have fixed both the identified problem and the ones you might not have seen right away. That way, we are ensuring that you’re covered and not surprised by a new issue. Less stress for you, and a simple extra step for us to make sure we have done a thorough job on your de

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I’m Looking for Computer Repair Near Me, Can You Help?

The answer is yes, we can! Computers have been around for three decades now, and more than 2/3 of Americans own one. Chances are if you’re reading this, you’re one of them! There are as many different computers as there are personalities these days, but there’s one thing all computers have in common. Whether you have a laptop or own a Windows desktop computer or a Mac computer, you enjoy the convenience and helpfulness that comes along with it. Not only are computers a critical part of our lives, but for many of us, it’s a serious investment we have made in a device. When your computer breaks down, we understand that it can cause a certain level of panic. Luckily, if it’s happened to a computer, we’ve seen and fixed it. Do you have a laptop with a virus on it that’s preventing you from getting personal computing and work done? We do laptop repair. Has your Windows PC lost the capacity to turn on? We can fix that too!
We specialize in a variety of Mac and PC repairs, like:
● Overall hardware diagnostics.
● Software diagnostics.
● Data recovery.
● Data backup.
● OS installations.
● Virus removals.
● Windows re-installs.
● Much more.
If you need a computer fix, let us handle it! We’ve got you covered in Lexington.
We’re ready to help you wherever you are. No device will be left behind! No matter what it is, we’re the computer repair shop that can fix it.

Do You Need Computer Repair Services?

● Do you sigh when you push the power button on your computer, remembering the glory days when it powered up quickly, or even powered up? You’ll need a computer fix.
●Is your computer unbearably slow and is your disk filling up with no reason why? You might need Malware and/or Virus removal.
● Are you staring at a cracked screen thanks to accidental damage, or does your screen simply refuse to turn on? You probably need computer repair services.
● Are you troubled by malfunctioning hardware like a bad battery, a misbehaving cooling fan or a hard drive that refuses to do its job? You should bring your device to a computer repair shop so expert techs can diagnose and repair your computer.
Know that we’ve got your back no matter what operating system you use. We offer a 90-day limited warranty on all standard repairs. When you work with us, you’re protected. We also take pride in having a fast turnaround time. Quick service, when you need it most. Finally, we’re committed to customer satisfaction and part of that commitment is keeping our prices low.
The first thing we will do is perform a free diagnostic. These tests will help us figure out what the issue is. Once we have figured out what is wrong, we will let you know what’s going on. We’ll offer our expert opinion, repair options, and free estimates. No matter what your issue is, we’re here to help.

At Device Pitstop, we buy, sell, and offer full-service repairs and upgrades. If your computer needs a repair, it’s almost certain we can do it.

Here is a short sampling of the repairs we offer:

  • LCD screen replacement
  • Overheating issues
  • Virus and malware removal (PCs)
  • Data backups and transfers
  • Fan replacement
  • Memory upgrades
  • Hard drive upgrades and replacement
  • Operating system installation
  • Power supply repair (Apple)
  • Full diagnostics
  • Operating System issues (Apple)
  • System optimization
  • Blue Screen Windows issues (PCs)
  • CD-ROM/Optical drive replacement
  • Webcam issues
  • Motherboard replacement
  • Video card issues

This is not a comprehensive list of our repair offerings. If you have an issue with your PC, just get in touch. Stop by, call, or shoot us an email. Our staff can answer any questions about PC repair and let you know if we can fix your device.