Frequantly Asked Questions

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What happens to the data on the computer I sell/trade to you?

Device Pitstop wipes the hard drive of every computer and device we buy or trade in. For trade-ins, we can transfer your music, pictures, documents, and important files to your newly purchased computer before we perform the data wipe on your old computer.

Do you sell new computers?

We sell factory-recertified computers from the manufacturer with a 90-day factory warranty. We also sell off-lease and pre-owned laptop computers.

Do I have to trade in a computer in order to buy a computer?

No. You can buy a computer, sell an existing computer or trade in your existing computer and upgrade to a newer model.

Does the computer need to be working in order to sell/trade to you?

No, depending on the condition, demand, and parts value, we may buy your non-working computer or device. Our store managers look at this on a case-by-case basis. Bring your computer into the store, and we will make you a generous and fair offer.

Will you tell me the quote/price of my computer over the phone?

We prefer you bring your computer into our stores for a quick evaluation. Due to the many variables in assessing the value of your laptop, our technicians will need to physically inspect it. Within minutes, we will give you a cash value and a trade-in value.

How much do you offer to trade/buy my computer?

A general rule of thumb is that you will receive a higher trade-in value than buy value. When you bring in your laptop, we will give you both the cash value and the trade-in value and you can decide what to do next.

What does the certified warranty include?

The certified warranty includes coverage of all hardware. Software and batteries are not covered. Please contact your local Device Pitstop for full details.

Does it cost anything to value my computer?

No, we estimate cash value and trade-in value for your computer free of charge.

Does it cost anything to diagnose my computer's problem(s)?

Device Pitstop’s skilled technicians will perform a full diagnostic to pinpoint the problem(s) with your computer. We charge a diagnostic fee ONLY if you choose not to repair or trade in your computer with us. Otherwise, your cost of service includes parts and labor.

Do you sell desktop computers?

We sell most price points of desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. We also diagnose and repair desktop computers.

Do you repair desktop computers?

Yes, we repair all makes and models of desktop computers.

Do you buy, sell, trade and repair Apple computers?

Yes, we buy, sell, trade, repair and upgrade Apple computers as well as other PC brands including Acer Asus, Dell, HP, IBM, Samsung, Sony and Toshiba, and all other brands.

Do you sell your computers online?

No, each store has unique inventory that changes every day. We invite you to visit your local store to see what they have in stock for attractively priced devices and accessories.