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In Lexington? Here’s how to recycle your electronic devices

electronics recycling Lexington

Spring cleaning, Earth Day, reclaiming space – whatever your reason for cleaning out that drawer filled with old phones, laptops and electronics accessories it’s time to get them recycled. But how do you responsibly recycle your old devices in the Lexington area? Empty that drawer and bring your old desktop computers, accessories, cell phones and […]

Congratulations, Graduate! Here’s how to choose a new laptop for your future!

College student with used laptop

Congratulations, you graduated from Lexington or a nearby school! Whether you’re planning on attending a community college, a four-year school like the University of Minnesota (or even starting a new entrepreneurial business venture), you’re going to need a new laptop. But how do you choose the right laptop for you? Consider your major Some majors […]

How to recycle your used electronics in Lexington, KY

Ready to upgrade that old computer or laptop? Several sites will let you trade in your laptop for cash or gift cards, and even pay the shipping to send it to them. Looking to trade up to a newer model? Here’s how to maximize what you get for your old one. Whenever Apple trots out […]

How to Choose the Best Laptop or Tablet for Lexington Students

Device Pitstop buying tips for student computers

Going off to Lexington high school or college without a decent laptop is like refusing to use pencil and paper. It instantly puts a ceiling on how much students can learn, how far they can go and how many lifelong abilities they can acquire. But don’t just buy whatever is on sale; you need the […]