What is Lexington Device Pitstop?

Device Pitstop is a unique store that buys, sells, trades, repairs, and upgrades computers and mobile electronic devices. Our “gently-used,” refurbished, or repaired devices are sold at low prices – for top quality gear!

Originally founded in Las Vegas in 2003, we currently have twelve locations open nationwide, with many others in development. With more new stores opening in the future, it will be easier for you to meet all your computer needs in just one stop.

Constantly Changing Inventory

We not only offer you a solution to all your computer needs, we offer constantly changing inventory and quality at a much more reasonable price. At Device Pitstop we believe that reusing computers and various parts is the smartest way to recycle.

Further minimizing the impact on the environment, previously owned computers are either brought back to life or parts are utilized to repair other computers. For computers or parts that have outlasted their useful life, we find a caring home at a local recycling company.

Cash On-the-Spot

Device Pitstop is also a place where you can sell your “gently-used” computers and parts. Device Pitstop will pay you CASH On-the-Spot. There’s no more waiting around or making return trips. Device Pitstop makes selling your old devices easy and either puts the money in your hand before you leave the store, or offers you something to put toward a newer machine.

Customer Service

Device Pitstop offers exceptional customer service. Our staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and patient to help you to understand what you are buying and make sure it’s a good fit for your needs. We provide the excitement of upgrading to a newer machine that is of the highest quality – without the high price!

Stop in to your local Device Pitstop today and see what your local store has to offer. Whether it’s to trade in your current device, get an upgrade, buy a whole new machine, or to have one of your devices repaired, we are the best place for you to shop!

Buy. Sell. Trade. Repair. Upgrade.

At Device Pitstop we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and knowledgeable staff. Remember that Device Pitstop is your one-stop solution for your laptop, tablet, smartphone, or other computing needs.


Device Pitstop is the premier retailer of quality factory recertified, off-lease and previously owned laptops, tablets, and select smartphones for as little as $99. All computers and accessories purchased at Device Pitstop come with a 90-Day warranty, and undergo our rigorous DPS Certification process. Additionally, one year extended service plans are offered for most devices.

Buy your next laptop at Device Pitstop and save money on a high quality machine at a low price. We have the right laptop in stock for you!

Sell or Trade

Device Pitstop will buy your old laptop, tablet, or smartphone for CASH or offer you a trade-in value after undergoing a quick, in-store estimate process. Depending on the condition and demand, we will even buy or take non-working computers or devices in on trade. Our store managers will evaluate non-working items on a case-by-case basis. Bring your computer into the store, and we will do our best to make you a competitive offer.

Selling your laptop to Device Pitstop will get you a good price, depending on the condition, and you can pocket the CASH, or use the money toward a newer computer! Device Pitstop can offer you a trade-in value on your device after undergoing a quick, in-store estimate process.


Device Pitstop specializes in laptop, tablet, and smartphone repair for all makes and models. Our on-site DPS Certified Technicians understand the issues that occur with individual machines. We can get your computer fixed and back in your hands faster and cheaper than the competition.


Device Pitstop upgrades laptops and computers! Need more RAM? A bigger hard drive? Let our service center upgrade your laptop to enhance operating performance.