Fast, Affordable Mac & PC Computer Repair

At Device Pitstop, our Pit Crew members are knowledgeable about the inner workings of your desktop computer and can help you get your machine working like new again. We specialize in isolating your technical problems down to its source and getting your machine back up, regardless of how powerful the specifications inside your machine are. Initial assessments in the door are free and we can run full diagnostics to let you know exactly where your problems lie.

Many problems that desktop computers run into are software related. Our Pit Crew members are very well versed in the intricacies of software both Mac and PC, and are here to help you with any problems with your OS or programs that can cause all sorts of headaches. We specialize in helping you get the solutions you need for affordable prices. Did a recent update from Windows leave your internet running slow, or render it inoperable? We can get your machine back on the internet and ensure that you have quality service every time. Whether it’s fixing a problem that has arisen or simple maintenance, you can rely on Device Pitstop!

Hardware degrades over time and will eventually stop working. Our Pit Crew can help you get back in business by replacing components that have begun to fail or already failed. Our most common hardware change is working with hard drives. If you think your hard drive is beginning to fail, don’t delay and come on in today. A hard drive that is slowing down drastically can fail quickly and you can lose all of your data.

At Device Pitstop, we offer both upgraded and replacement hard drives for your machines. We recommend upgrading your desktop with a solid state drive for both speed and security benefits! Come by today to get upgrades for your desktop, or repair the parts that have already begun to fail.

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Other Devices We Repair:
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At Device Pitstop, we buy, sell, and offer full-service repairs and upgrades. If your computer needs a repair, it’s almost certain we can do it.

Here is a short sampling of the repairs we offer:

  • LCD screen replacement
  • Overheating issues
  • Virus and malware removal (PCs)
  • Data backups and transfers
  • Fan replacement
  • Memory upgrades
  • Hard drive upgrades and replacement
  • Operating system installation
  • Power supply repair (Apple)
  • Full diagnostics
  • Operating System issues (Apple)
  • System optimization
  • Blue Screen Windows issues (PCs)
  • CD-ROM/Optical drive replacement
  • Webcam issues
  • Motherboard replacement
  • Video card issues

This is not a comprehensive list of our repair offerings. If you have an issue with your PC, just get in touch. Stop by, call, or shoot us an email. Our staff can answer any questions about PC repair and let you know if we can fix your device.


Computers have become a very personal and important part of life. At Device Pitstop we take pride in our ability to do quality repairs for affordable prices. We work hard to get the right people to be part of our Pit Crew, who are both well trained and capable, but also of great character and value customer service. This means that your desktop is being repaired and serviced by friendly and reliable technicians that are both honest and knowledgeable. This sets us apart and ensures that you get the best quality repairs with no surprises that keeps on working.


When you come into Device Pitstop to get your desktop repaired, start by brining your desktop and any accessories that are having issues or need to be serviced. You will be greeted by one of our friendly Pit Crew members who will talk with you and ask you questions to understand what problems your computer is having. They will set up your machine and assess the problem and go over some possible solutions. For some issues we will need to run a full diagnostic before we can offer solutions so that we can discover what the problem is. In either case we will begin the check in process and ask you any questions relevant to the repair including passwords, history of the device, and any error codes you have encountered. If you do not have this information, do not worry and just let our Pit Crew members know anything that you have seen with your desktop. After we have checked you in, you will receive text, email, and phone updates on the progress of your repair or service on your machine, keeping you updated with any pertinent information. As soon as the repair is complete, you will be contacted and can come and pick up your desktop computer. We will then check you out of the system and go over a checklist with you to ensure that your desktop computer is working as described. Getting your repair is as easy as that!

If you have any further questions regarding what your repair will look like, please contact us 303-683-3129 between the hours of 10am to 8pm. You can also email us at and we will answer any questions you have for us in a timely manner.