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We do repairs at our Highlands Ranch store


Bring your laptop in to get it working in tip top shape. If your hinge on your laptop is starting to pop out or you are running into an error with your laptop not turning on we can fix your laptop for an affordable price. We are a refurbishing shop that can get your laptop working like new again!


We repair smart phones on site and can take care of screens starting at a low price of $80! Device Pitstop does reliable repairs with parts that keep on working! We can take care of your screen that dropped on the floor or that battery that keeps dying at 30% battery life. Come on in today to get your iPhones, Samsung, or other android phones repaired. Feel free to get in touch with us for a time estimate for your repair. Most phone repairs can be done within an hour!


Bring your tablets with broken screens, LCD’s and battery problems! We can repair tablets whether they are android or iPads, kindles, or windows machines. Don’t let that broken screen cause you to fret and not be able to watch Netflix or check email on the go. Bring it in to our Pit Crew members to get it fixed up for an affordable price.


Having trouble with your gaming console? We can repair your consoles quickly and get you back in the game before you know it! At Device Pitstop our Pit Crew members are knowledgeable and eager to help you get your console back up and running.


Troubled after a major crash with your new drone? We can take care of you at Device Pitstop. We can repair the hardware and software for drones and associated cameras. Bring your drone to us to get it back up and flying like new! Colorado is a beautiful place, and deserves to be observed by both ground and air for great videos!


At Device Pitstop we specialize in both repairing and upgrading your devices. Often times a slow computer is running into not only software issues, but also is in desperate need of new components to run the most recent software.

Come by Device Pitstop to get your computer upgraded with a solid state drive, which is a faster hard drive that can take your five minute boot up time to 9 seconds or less! We take care of every aspect of your upgrades, working through data transfers, program updates, drivers and all of the other complicated facets that come with upgrading your older machines to act like brand new devices just out of the store!


At Device Pitstop we strive to make the process for getting your device repaired easy and stress free. Just come into our store in Highlands Ranch with your desktop, laptop, phone, tablet, console, or drone and talk with our Pit Crew members.

Device History

During this process you will be asked a number of questions about your device, including passwords, history of the device, and any information relevant to helping you repair the device. You will then be asked to sign our documentation giving us permission to work on your device. We keep all this information secure and work hard to ensure your information is kept safe as a company.

Open Communication

After you have been put into the system you will receive notifications both through text and email about your repair. Some repairs require parts to be ordered, and you will be contacted by your preference of email, text, or phone call as soon as your part has arrived. During the repair our Pit Crew will update you with any pertinent information about your repair. If there is any problems with your device beyond the agreed upon scope of work, we will contact you to approve any further work being put into your device. We will let you know if more work needs to be done and the cost associated with completing the work.

The Best Service Possible

When able, we will bundle our labor to ensure that you get the most bang for your buck while working on your devices. As soon as the work is complete, you will be contacted and our Pit Crew will let you know that you can come pick up your device. At that time we will close your ticket and go through a checklist with you to ensure that your device is fully functioning as discussed.

30-Day Warranty

Our parts have a warranty for 30 days to ensure that you get a working part for your device. If you have any issues with your device after the repair, please come in so that we can run our tests and get you taken care of. At Device Pitstop, we are proud of our customer service and want to ensure that our customers leave feeling cared for and confident.

REPAIR RATES Contact us Now

At Device Pitstop, we are able to repair your laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets, consoles and drones to ensure that all of your devices are working at peak condition! We take pride in being an honest and reliable store front that helps you get your repairs priced correctly and accurately.

Our Pit Crew members are knowledgeable and know how to work on all of your devices and get them running in top condition, both for software and hardware problems! If your device is more expensive to repair than it is to replace, our Pit Crew members will accurately assess your options and let you know any recommendations they have for taking care of your needs.

We cover our repair parts with a 30 day warranty. We ensure that you are informed ahead of time about any risks that may occur with repairing your device, and help you get into the device that takes care of your needs. Just bring your device into our Pit Crew members and let us take care of the rest.

Call us now and a member of our Pit Crew will do her best to answer all of your questions!