Cyber Security Month – Password Manager

October is National Security Month!

One of the best ways to protect yourself from identity theft is to use a password manager.  Do you use the same password over and over?  This is an easy way to be hacked on the internet.  Good cyber thieves will find your password and email address and then go to popular websites such as Amazon to purchase items.  Never use the same password twice

You must think I am crazy to suggest not to use the same password twice, I can barely remember the 3-4 password that I use today! Of course, you will need to rely on technology to help you with this. I personally use Last Pass to store and share my passwords. 1Password is also a great tool.  I recommend either of them. Not only can I store my personal passwords, but I can also share them with my employees so they can make purchases. Don’t worry, they never see the password, they just have access to fill them into websites. I also insist that my kids and wife use Last Pass because I can not be the keeper of all of our Passwords. 

Take the first step in cyber protection and use a password manager!  Visit us to help asses your computer threats.

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