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At Device Pitstop you will find the best selection in West Michigan for pre-owned phones, computers and tablets. We have devices for all budgets.  Our stock changes every few weeks.  Shop early and often!  These a just a few items you will find in our store located in Grandville.


Buying your next computer or device at Device Pitstop is a great way to save money.  Maybe you have only $100 or $200 to spend on a laptop. Maybe you want a top of the line laptop, but don’t want to pay full retail price. Whatever your needs, we have a solution for you.

30 Day Warranty

The computers, laptops, tablets, and phones we sell all carry a 30 day warranty, so buy with confidence and join thousands of satisfied customers that have been satisfied since 2003. You can also join our DP Repair Club which provides device protection beyond the 30 days. You simply pay a small monthly fee with a small deductible for hardware or software issues that may happen in the future like a broken screen.

Previously owned computers and devices are thoroughly tested and audited through our in-house DPS Certification process.  All previously owned computers and devices are put through a rigorous testing process to ensure you get a working computer at a great price.

Our factory boxed recertified computers and laptops come directly from the manufacturers and other vendors. These items carry a direct manufacture warranty.

Some of the products sold at Device Pitstop include:

  • Computers – Windows and iMacs
  • Laptops – MacBooks and Windows PCs
  • Tablets – Windows, Android, and iPads
  • Cell Phones – Windows, Android, and iPhones
  • Batteries – Laptops, tablets, and smartphones
  • AC Adapters – All laptop, tablet, and smartphone charging cables
  • Accessories – Smartphone and laptop cases, cables, and parts
  • Repair Club – Which is an extended service plan for computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones

Stop by Device Pitstop to see our latest inventory, and to find the product for your home or office needs.

We guarantee the products we sell and service have gone through a thorough testing process. This gives you the peace of mind and ensures you that you get a quality device at a great price.

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Grandville, MI


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Grandville, Michigan 49418

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