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Make Your Computer Faster with This Simple Upgrade

Few things are more frustrating than a slow computer. Slow performance makes it difficult to get work done, and can cause your computer to crash, overheat, and run out of battery sooner than normal. If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to boost your slow computer’s performance without replacing the device entirely, consider upgrading from a hard disk drive (HDD) to a solid state drive (SSD). Upgrading to an SSD is affordable and makes an enormous difference in computer speed and performance.

 Hard Drives vs. Solid State Drives: Why an SSD is Best for the Average Computer User

SSDs are a fantastic alternative to traditional computer HDDs for those who are frequently on the go and have a need for speed.

  1. SSDs are faster than HDDs.

With an SSD, you’ll enjoy faster launch times, data retrieval, and overall performance. In fact, some SSDs can perform up to 30x faster than a traditional hard drive.

  1. SSDs are more efficient.

When you install an SSD, your computer will require less energy to operate and save your battery life. This efficiency is particularly important for users who are frequently away from their chargers.

  1. SSDs generate less noise and heat.

Unlike HDDs with their platters and arms that are in constant motion, SSDs are lightweight and have no moving components. Because the SSD is entirely still, your computer will generate less heat and noise.

  1. SSDs are lighter, yet more durable.

The design the SSD is slimmer and more simplistic. Made without moving parts, an SSD is unlikely to break if you drop your laptop. This design helps keep your data safe and secure.

  1. SSDs are more reliable.

According to experts, SSDs are more reliable than HDDs. In fact, SSDs have an average failure rate of 0.5%, whereas HDDs have an average failure rate of 5%.

Who Should Upgrade to an SSD?

Device Pitstop recommends SSDs for customers who:

  • Stream music, movies, and games on their computers
  • Are on the go and require extended battery life
  • Want better online performance.

If you’ve decided an upgrade to and SSD is for you, visit Device Pitstop Phone Repair and Resale. In addition to phone repair, we also offer a wide range of computer repairs to help our customers get the most out of their laptop and desktop computers. Whether you own a MacBook or PC, our team of computer experts can help.