Computer running slow? Fix it.

I want to throw this computer out the window!

What should you do if your computer is running slow?

Over time your computer can start to slow down for various reasons. Through normal use on the internet you can have files attach to your computer without your knowledge. We call these files cookies, pop ups, malware and sometimes viruses. These can make you want to toss your computer out the window. Yikes.

Also, through regular use, different files will attach to your start up operations making your computer take forever to start Windows. Google and Microsoft Edge can slow your computer down too.

We see this every day. The good news is we can fix this computer issue!

There is no need to get a different computer. With our clean up and virus removal service we can get your computer back to normal in no time.

During the month of January, we are offering this amazing deal for Clean Up and Virus removal for only $40. Drop off your computer to Device Pitstop Phone and Computer Repair and Resale before the end of the month and get the special price. Or drop it off anytime for this clean up or virus removal service.