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How Long Will We Work from Home?


Good News! Vaccines are on their way. As we inch past 365 days into the COVID-19 pandemic, post-pandemic life is finally in our sights. With normalcy looming, what does that entail for the workplace? In Grand Rapids, Michigan many office employees are still required to work from home, and other office have moved to a permanent work from home structure – forgoing large office spaces altogether. But will work from home last forever, or will many Grand Rapids companies require their employees to come back full time? What we do know, office life has been altered forever.

Casual Attire
A formal dress code is a thing of the past. The business world had already been heading in a more casual direction and the pandemic expedited the transition. While sweatpants likely will never be accepted as “normal” in the office, it’s safe to say you can retire the suit.

Work Life Balance
A flexible schedule and remote work options look to be the latest benefit that employers will have to offer to gain the attraction of top talent. On top of that, people’s work behavior has completely changed over the last year. Talking about kids, family, and other personal affairs has become commonplace as many have faced the same challenges and experiences.

Modern Perks
Remote options, gym, and grocery stipends, utility reimbursements, happy hour supplies are all not out of the question – just to name a few.

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