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1 in 2 Household Computers are Infected with a Virus!

Computer virus in Grand Rapids Mi

One out of every two households have computers infected with viruses. Yikes! Don’t worry it’s not coronavirus. Computers do get sick but we can help make them better. Device Pitstop Phone and Computer Repair has identified 6 symptoms of a computer virus.

  1. Sometimes infected computers have tons of pop ups. Once your computer loads Windows and all these other windows start open randomly. Those are pop ups. It’s not normal.
  2. If you see ads on websites you are using, this IS NORMAL. If ads show up in the corner of your screen when you are not on the internet, that’s not normal.
  3. If your computer takes FOREVER to start Windows when you power it on – there may be an issue you need to address.
  4. If your computer simply runs super slow, and we mean much slower than normal – you may have a virus.
  5. If you have a search bar at the top of your screen that does not go away when you close your internet browser, you definitely have a computer virus.
  6. If you have a L-shaped tool bar on your screen that was not there when you purchased your computer, it’s probably a virus.

If this sound like you, Device Pitstop Phone and Computer Repair Plus Resale can help. We offer a virus removal and clean up which will help make your computer better. We also offer an Operating System reinstall which will renew your computer and make it like new. Stop in with your computer today!