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5 Easy Ways to Free Up Space on Your iPhone

5 Easy Ways to Free Up Space on Your iPhone

Have you experienced a time when your iPhone displays an error message – Storage Almost Full? Here are 5 tips that will help you address the storage issue without impacting important messages, photos, apps, etc.

1. Delete Apps You Don’t Use

First, go to settings – general – iPhone storage. Here you will find a list of apps on your phone. Delete unused apps by touching the app on the screen – when the next screen opens simply touch Delete App.

You can also keep unwanted apps from piling up on your home screen by using the Offload Unused Apps function. With this feature on, your phone will automatically delete unused apps when your storage runs low. If this feature is not on, you will find it under settings – general – iPhone storage. You will see Offload Unused Apps – simply touch enable.

Never fear though, you can always reload an app again if you need it.

2. Look at Your Photos and Videos

Pictures and videos take up a ton of space. By deleting duplicate or unneeded images and videos in your Photos App, you can increase your storage space.

If you still need more space, you can move your photos to Google Photos or another service like this. If you have a Google account, such as a Gmail, Google Photos is a great way to save images without taking up storage. Google Photos also allows you to access photos from other devices and you get more storage for free than iCloud.

You can also upload pictures directly to your computer and delete them from your mobile device afterward.

3. Get Rid of Music You Don’t Listen To

Downloaded music can take up space in your storage. If you have a lot of songs that you don’t listen to anymore, delete them! Streaming music is a great way to listen to your favorites without using storage. Check out Apple music.

4. Delete Old Text Messages

Another way to free up storage on your phone is to set up your text messages to automatically delete messages older than one month. To do this, go to settings – messages – message history – keep messages – set to 30 days.

5. Clear Your Browser History

Another way to make more room on your iPhone is to clear your browser history. Depending on what internet browser you use, the exact process can vary. Typically, you will find it under your browsing history settings. Clearing the history can free up a lot of space. Doing this can also help with website behavior issues.


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