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3 Reasons to Upgrade to Gently-Used Tech Instead of the Latest iPhone

As most people (from social media to the news, how could you not) have heard of the new iPhone 12. With the flashy colors and enticing “new” features, it’s easy to want to go buy the latest technology. As tech experts, Device Pitstop Phone Repair staff wants to shield you from making a costly and regrettable tech mishap. Here are the top three reasons why you should choose to upgrade your tech to a gently used newer edition than the latest model.

  1. Cost
    The new iPhone 12 may seem like a hot ticket must-have item, but that comes with a steep price. A like-new, 64GB iPhone XR at the Device Pitstop Phone Repair is $449, not including a trade-in. The new iPhone with the highest storage option is a whopping $1299, and we all know how Apple and those big box stores never give you any money back for your used tech!  Also, repair prices on iPhone 12 have been rumored to increase by 40% from the previous model. Don’t forget to add that to you total cost of ownership.
  2. New Device, New Problems
    Generally, when Apple releases a new iPhone, many kinks have not been fixed or addressed. The first six months are a trial period where they continuously are making updates. The new iPhone you buy right at the preorder release is different than the same iPhone purchased six months later. Save yourself the headache and trouble and skip out on these issues entirely.
  3. Be Kind to Mother Earth
    Upgrading to a brand-new iPhone every year is adding to the technological waste problem that has been increasing over the years. By choosing to upgrade via a gently used device, you are being more sustainable by not adding to the demand for more devices to be manufactured. On top of that, many shops, like Device Pitstop, take your used device to resell or recycle.

Don’t buy this year’s iPhone or the next, instead save money, time and live sustainable by upgrading at the Device Pitstop Phone Repair in Grandville. Stop by today to speak to our team, and find the best device to fit your specific needs!