Find Great Products at Device Pitstop!

There are some great products coming out in the tech world right now – we now have an Apple watch, laptops and tablets are getting more powerful and lighter, and technology is more and more integrated into our daily lives.

How do you keep up?

Maybe the newest gadget is something you want right away, but usually you can get something that is like-new, “gently-used,” or refurbished that is not only just as good, but has been checked out thoroughly – and is guaranteed.

This is where Device Pitstop comes in. We sell “gently-used” and refurbished desktops, laptops, iMac’s, MacBook Plus, iPhones, and Android phones. Whether you’re looking for a newer iPhone or need a Samsung, HTC, LG, Nokia or other Android phone, we have you covered. The devices we sell are tested, tried, and true – and we stand behind everything.

It’s fun to get the latest gadgets…but even more fun is getting the next-to-the-latest device for a lot less money – making you not only kind to the environment, but kind to your wallet.

Device Pitstop graphic with photo of three coworkers sitting at table using a laptop, a tablet and a smartphone with text that says it's all here