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Whether you want to buy laptop or smartphones, you will save money here at Device Pitstop. As the premier seller of certified refurbished consumer electronics in Burnsville, we have price points tailor-made for any budgets.  No matter what you need, we’ve got you covered. We sell refurbished smartphones, desktops, laptops, tablets, and more. We can help you with that, too. Whatever your electronic needs are, we have the ideal solution for you.


Burnsville Device Pitstop Certified Warranty on Pre-Owned Devices

The computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones we sell all carry a certified warranty, so buy with confidence and join thousands of customers that have been satisfied since 2003. In addition, you can purchase an extended service plan.

Previously owned computers and devices are thoroughly tested and audited through our in-house DPS Certification process.  All previously owned computers and devices are put through rigorous testing to ensure you get a high-quality working computer at a great price.

Our factory boxed recertified computers and laptops come directly from the manufacturers and other vendors. These items carry a direct manufacture warranty.

Device Pitstop Certified Warramty
Burnsville Device Pitstop 30 day money back guaranteed


So, why should you shop with Device Pitstop Burnsville? Well, there’s a variety of reasons. Many of our repeat customers say they love:

One-Stop Electronics

At Device Pitstop, we make things simple. No matter what type of gadgets you want to buy, you can find it here. We’ve got everything. From iPhones to Microsoft Surface tablets to Xboxs – you’ll find what you’re looking for here. We also sell accessories.  You’ll also find repairing electronics is simple here, along with selling or trading in your old stuff. We’re always buying and selling gadgets.


It’s unlikely you’ll find better prices for like-new electronics in Burnsville. We offer price points for every budget. Our prices are the best in the area and competitive online. We strive to offer fair prices for amazing products. As a part of the community, we understand that getting a good deal is paramount to building a relationship with a business. So we strive to get our customers the best deals possible.


Every smartphone, laptop, desktop, and tablet we sell comes with a 90-day warranty. When you shop with Device Pitstop, you can buy with complete confidence because you know the product is protected.  Our DPS Certification ensures any product you buy has been thoroughly tested for longevity and functionality. Our rigorous testing ensures you get a perfectly functioning product at an incredible price.  We’ve been around since 2003, so we know when a product will last and when we need to further repair it. You can trust the product you leave Device Pitstop with is like-new, again.


We offer the widest selection of electronics in Burnsville. If you want a device, there’s no better place to find it than Device Pitstop. If you have a specific gadget in mind, just stop by the store or give us a call. There’s a solid chance we have something that will work for you.


We don’t hire just anybody at Device Pitstop Burnsville. Our whole staff has years of experience working in the customer service industry and repairing computers. Every one of our technicians is professionally certified with a deep knowledge of how consumer electronics work.


You can come in and test any device you want to purchase. You get to touch it, feel it, and see how it functions. Then if you like it, you can purchase the product and go use it immediately. No waiting involved. No shipping. No hassles.


As we’ve been selling electronics since 2003, Device Pitstop strives to keep customer satisfied. Our goal is to keep you coming back with all your electronic needs in Burnsville. Due to our many repeat customers, we like to think we’ve done a good job in this regard.

Buying used electronics has never been easier. At Device Pitstop in Burnsville, Minnesota, we offer certified used desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and more at incredibly low prices.

Inside a Device Pitstop Store

Buying Advice From Device Pitstop Burnsville

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The Devices You Want At the Prices You Need

Maybe you need a newer computer because you’ve been working with a few small businesses doing video production. A more powerful processor and more RAM would definitely help with rendering times. Or maybe you need to upgrade your smartphone to improve photo-taking capabilities. You work as a social media marketer and need to improve a few of your clients Instagram marketing.

Whether you’re looking for an iPod for the gym, or a newer tablet for the road. No matter the situation, we can help. At Device Pitstop, we specialize in getting you the type of gadget you need at a price you can afford.

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The Benefits of Buying Certified Used Devices

Save Money: For most, buying used electronic devices comes down to price. You can save anywhere from 15-50% off buying new when you buy a certified, refurbished item from us. That’s a huge savings, especially when you factor in that certain electronic devices cost anywhere from $1,000-2,000 apiece. If you’re on a tight budget, buying used can be a lifesaver.

Great For the Environment: Buying used electronics is also good for the environment. The devices don’t end up in a landfill. Plus, there are no resources need to make new items when you buy used. Buying certified used gadgets is a great way to go green.

Find your perfect cell phone or laptop in Burnsville, MN


Simplicity is key in Burnsville. At Device Pitstop, we make the buying process simple – just like any other store. Bring your wallet in and start looking around. When you see something you like, play around with it. Test the device out yourself. See what you think.

If you like it, grab one of our courteous sales professionals and ask them any questions you may have. Once you’re confident you’d like to buy the device, simply inform the Device Pitstop associate.  Your item will be boxed up and sent to the cash register. You’ll promptly pay for the product and be on your way. Buying made easy.