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Tablets have become an integral part of our daily lives. You may work with your tablet, as many companies have incorporated them into the sales process. You may use the device for personal enjoyment.

It doesn’t matter how you used your tablet. When you’re looking to sell or upgrade, Device Pitstop Burnsville wants to buy your old tablet. We pay cold hard cash for tablets, iPads, and Microsoft Surface devices.

Just bring your tablet in and you’ll walk away with extra cash in your pocket – all in under 30 minutes. Our prices are fair and our staff is professional. Plus, we buy broken or non-working tablets, too.

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Why Should You Sell Your Tablet

Each one of us has different reasons for buying a tablet and different reasons for selling it. When you’re ready to sell, here’s a few reasons our repeat customers keep coming back to Device Pitstop:

  • Time to Upgrade: Maybe you want to get the new iPad, but have a couple old tablets still at home. You need some cash before you buy the new device. So you head down to our convenient Burnsville location and get the money needed for your iPad upgrade by selling your old tablets with Device Pitstop.
  • Need Cash Fast: Sometimes you’re just in a hurry to get your hands on some cold hard cash fast. We get that. In these situations, just bring in your old consumer electronic devices, like tablets and iPads, to our store. You’ll have the cash you need in under 30 minutes.
  • Broken Device: There’s no reason to let an old, broken device waste away. Just bring it in. We’ll assess if we can fix it or use it for parts. If we can, we’ll offer you cash for the non-functioning device.
  • Gathering Dust: If you have a few tablets or iPads just lying around the house not being used, those device are losing value. Instead of letting them waste away, head on down to Device Pitstop and we’ll give you cash for them.

How Our Process Works

At Device Pitstop Burnsville, our process is incredibly simple. Just walk in with your old tablet, AC adapter, and accessories. One of our courteous staff members will promptly assist you. Your item will be take to the back and diagnostic tests will be ran.

One of our techs will determine a rough value for your device after testing. Them the tablet will be taken to a manager. We’ll compare value, inventory and online pricing. Them we’ll make you an offer in cash and trade-in credit.

If you want the cash, just say so and fill out a little paperwork. We’ll pay you the cold hard cash and you’ll be on your way – usually in under 30 minutes.

Cash For Your Tablet Today

Get cash for your iPad or tablet today. Just head down to Device Pitstop Burnsville and be prepared to sell. We’re always buying and look forward to working with you.

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