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You have choice when looking for iPhone repair services or trying to find someone to fix your desktop in Burnsville. We get that. We also believe that you won’t find a better place to fix your computer than Device Pitstop.

Why? Well, here’s a few reasons:

Certified Technicians: All of our technicians have years and years of experience repairing computers and smartphones. We’ve been around since 2003, and many of our techs have been with us for well over a decade. If you’re looking for professionals, you won’t find better computer repair people than our technicians.

Fair Pricing: We publish the vast majority of our pricing for our most common jobs. Why? Because we want you to know we’re charging you fairly. We’re not like the other guys that come up with a random number on the spot depending on how much they think you can pay. As a part of the Burnsville community, our staff at Device Pitstop is committed to repairing your device at fair prices.

Fast Turnaround: For some smartphone jobs, we can have your phone back within 1-2 hours. Talk about quick! For computer and tablet repair work, we’ll get your gadget back to you within 1-5 days unless we have to order extra parts. If you’re in a hurry, we also offer expedited repair services for an extra fee.

Everything In-House: Other computer repair shops ship your device off to third-party fixers who don’t have the same quality standards as Device Pitstop. We never do that. All our repair work is done in-house by our certified technicians and oversaw by one of our manager. You can have confidence that your device is safe with us.



We’ve already talked about it a bit, but we don’t mind restating it – our repair process is simple here at Device Pitstop. Simply bring in your broken device with your AC adapter.  One of our staff members will greet you and find out what you need. We’ll check your device in promptly and it’ll be taken back to our technicians. We’ll get some information from you and give you an estimated pick-up date.  Then we get to work. Diagnostic tests are ran for functionality and longevity. We find out what is wrong and how long you device will last. Then our technicians repair what needs to be repaired – all work done in-house, of course.  Once the device is fully repaired, we get in touch with you and let you know the gadget is ready. You come in, check on the device, pay, and head on your way with a like-new again electronic device.