How to get top dollar for your used laptop, tablet or smartphone in Maple Grove

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How to get top dollar for your used laptop, tablet or smartphone in Maple Grove

If you’re like most people, you have a drawer filled with devices you no longer use. If your outdated smartphones, laptops and tablets are gathering dust, it’s time to turn them into cash.

With so many options out there, how can you get top dollar for your devices?

Do your research

There are a number of choices for selling your old devices. Decide if convenience, security or making the maximum amount of money are more important to you when choosing an option for your used tablets, phones or laptops.

Safety first

Your devices have a treasure trove of personal data stored on them. But when you sell them on your own or send them off to an online purchasing site, who knows what happens to your information? Do you know how to wipe your devices completely clean to maximize your data security?

Take a trip to the Maple Grove post office?

Whether you sell your devices to an online purchasing service or do it on your own, you should consider the amount of time, and sometimes money, you’re spending to ship your item(s). Even with a free shipping offer, you need to package your device properly and take the time to bring it to a shipping service or post office.

When weighing your options, you could trade off convenience for cash or spend hours trying to make a few extra dollars or you can have it all when you bring your used laptop, smartphone and/or tablet to Device Pitstop at 13732 83rd Way in Maple Grove.

Device Pitstop is local to Maple Grove and open 7-days a week, so you can stop in when it’s convenient for you – no packing or shipping necessary. We usually pay more for your tablet, laptop and phone than any other alternative service and we ensure all personal data is cleared from your device(s) permanently.

Do some quick research today and find out how much the Maple Grove Device Pitstop will pay when you sell your phone, tablet or laptop. Stop in or get a quote online now!