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If you have the skills and ambition to manage a thriving business, you need to select a business plan that you can count on being successful. The good news is that you do not have to do it alone! Device Pitstop is here to offer the computer franchise opportunity of a lifetime. Did you know that it is estimated that over 41 million laptops were sold in the United States last year alone? There are many people who are certified to work on desktop computers, but laptops are a niche service that few have the technical knowledge to work on. Device Pitstop has capitalized on the high demand in this unsaturated market by opening up retail stores that provide completely in-house repairs, upgrades and other services for laptops and other mobile devices. We also buy, sell and trade laptops for reasonable prices. All Device Pitstop technicians are certified by our propriety DP program so that consumers get their laptops repaired quickly by highly skilled staff. It is no wonder that our profit margins are more than double of Best Buy’s and our average gross sales are over $1.3 million dollars. You can learn how to really take advantage of this computer franchise opportunity on

By now you may be worried about your lack of technical skills, but there is no need to worry. If you are a skilled business manager, we will give you 2 weeks of extensive training in one of our stores to prepare you for your own branch. In addition, we will help you with your grand opening and take care of all local and national marketing and advertising. Oddly enough, none of our retail store managers consider themselves to be computer geeks. What all our branch owners share in common is the ability to manage people, property, finances and products effectively. Take advantage of this computer franchise opportunity and you will become a member of the Device Pitstop family.

Our business model has proved itself time and time again, so why not give it a shot? It is hard to fail with multiple streams of revenue including in-store sales, service, eBay store, and being a mobile Internet service provider. Our training will give you the tools to get you started. We teach you the essentials of business management, focusing on orientation, company overview, store organization, understand our business model, hiring staff and other information. We will also help you with marketing with regards to store location, advertising, budgeting, merchandising, signage, opening campaign, and form a grassroots local marketing strategy. The final part of the training will inform you about operating the business, from product knowledge, vendors, inventory, customer service, buying used products and other operations. Our support services will help you with the grand opening, enterprise communication, reviewing weekly sales figures, networking, research and development and a planned yearly convention. Log on to Device Pitstop’s Franchise Website to find out if we are looking to expand in your area and other criteria. This computer franchise opportunity is waiting for you, and it is easier to get started than you think.

Looking for Computer Franchise Opportunities?

A lot of businesses are struggling to survive in the current economy, but many innovative minds keep their businesses thriving against the worst odds. Device Pitstop is one of these profitable businesses, pulling in over 1.3 million in gross sales on average. With over 41 million laptops sold annually in the United States, Device Pitstop has capitalized on the niche market of buying, selling, trading, servicing and repairing all laptops. Device Pitstop has a proven business model and is providing computer franchise opportunities for business minded people. The best part is, you do not need to be a tech geek to own a branch – in fact none of our store owners consider themselves to be computer geeks. To learn all about how to take advantage of our computer franchise opportunities, visit us

Before taking advantage of our computer franchise opportunities, you should know why the products and services we provide to our customers are so profitable. Established over 7 years ago in Las Vegas, NV, we offer a safe place for people to buy, sell or trade laptops. People can buy laptops for as low as $99 or save hundreds on top of the line laptops. Laptop owners can get rid of their own laptops for cash or trade in for a new one with a quick in-store estimate. All repair and upgrade services are done in-house by our DP Certified technicians so that the consumer gets their laptop quick and cheaper than at any other store. We also specialize in upgrading laptops to make them run better – upgrading old peripherals, adding more memory, adding anti-virus and anti-spyware programs, etc. With all of these amazing laptop services, it is no wonder that our gross margins are more than double of Best Buy’s. It is no wonder that Device Pitstop offers such great computer franchise opportunities.

If you take advantage of our computer franchise opportunities, you will be quick to notice the benefits of our enterprise. We have set up a proven business model that stays on the cutting edge of technology as it evolves, and there are multiple streams of revenue including sales, service, eBay store, and providing mobile internet access. You will be assisted by a preferred media buyer who will take care of all marketing and advertisement. The main factor why our stores are so profitable is that we offer the best prices, services and knowledge for products that are in very high demand.

The best part is that you do not even have to be a tech guru, you just need the skills to effectively manage a business. If you decide to take advantage of our computer franchise opportunities, we will provide a two week training program in a corporate store so that you have the knowledge and ability to run your own. Our training focuses on business management, marketing and operations. There are so many benefits from starting a Device Pitstop branch, so if you want to secure your financial future log on to to see if there are computer franchise opportunities available in your area.

Device Pitstop: A New Computer Franchise

Many capable business managers have trouble finding successful business opportunities in most industries due to the economy, but the computer technology industry is still in high demand. Even if you are not very technologically literate, you can strike gold by owning a computer franchise. That’s right – the economy may have taken a turn for the worst in recent years, but the Device Pitstop resale computer franchise has been raking in incredible profits. That is because we cater to a niche market that is in high demand – buying, selling, trading, servicing and upgrading all kinds of laptops and other mobile devices. In fact, we rake in 2 times the gross margins as 800-pound gorilla retailer Best Buy. If you are good at managing people but can’t see yourself in a position managing a staff of expert laptop technicians, do not worry! You do not have to be a tech guru; just have the necessary skills to manage a business and we will give you comprehensive training and help you set up your branch. You can learn more about taking advantage of this computer franchise at

Device Pitstop was founded in 2003 out of Las Vegas to meet the needs of laptop owners and buyers in the area. The business has received a lot of favorable attention and has grown to be a booming enterprise. We are looking for prospective business owners who want to help us expand the business even more. Many ambitious people have taken advantage of our upstart computer franchise and built their very own thriving retail store. Our branches have had so much success because of all the incredible services we offer that other computer retailers cannot come close to. We give consumers reasonable deals for purchasing, selling and trading laptops so that people can buy laptops for under $100 or save hundreds on the latest and greatest. Each one of our laptop specialist must be certified by our proprietary DP program so that when consumers come in to have their laptops repaired or upgraded, we can do it in-house fast and cheap. This has made us a favorite computer electronics store among laptop owners – perhaps it is why our store’s average gross sales are nearly $1.4 million.

So you have the skills to manage a business, and you want to own your own computer franchise, but why choose Device Pitstop? Our business model has shown to be one of the most profitable and flexible in the industry – our business evolves to stock and service new technology. Also, there are multiple revenue streams including service, sales, eBay store, and providing mobile internet service – all of which yield greater business margins. The market that we cater to is unsaturated, and you will be one of the most popular picks in your area because of competitive prices and the best industry knowledge. In addition, we will help you purchase media including local and national television and print advertisements. What are you waiting for? Look how to get your computer franchise started today. Just log on to

Looking to Buy a Computer Business?

In response to the downturn in the economy, prospective business purchasers must be careful to select a business plan that is proven to yield enough return on investment to take care of overhead. At the moment starting a business is riskier than it has been in years, but thankfully there are a few sectors of the economy that are still thriving. One of them is the computer technology industry, and business is specifically well in regards to laptops and other mobile devices. At Device Pitstop, we provide products and services that are in high demand. We buy, sell, trade, repair and upgrade laptops and many other mobile devices, like the iPad, in-house at all of our retail stores. Our business model has proven itself time and time again, with average gross sales of nearly $1.4 million. You may think that to buy a computer business you need to know a lot about computers, but if you buy a computer business from Device Pitstop, you only need the skills to manage a business. We will help you fill in the rest with our comprehensive 2-week training program. Learn how to get started in the process of buying a computer franchise that will secure your financial future on

Device Pitstop is a family company founded by brothers Mike and Tim Smith in 2003 serving the Las Vegas area. Our effective business model has let us expand into other areas, and we are looking for confident and charismatic business managers to lead us into the future. Wherever we set up a branch, consumers flock to us for all their laptop needs. That is because we provide quick, reasonable estimates on laptops that people want to sell to us or trade. When we purchase laptops we fix them up or use their parts to repair other laptops. We also provide great prices; customers can purchase a laptop for less than $100 or save a ton of money on top of the line products. People can also bring their laptops to us and our DP Certified technicians will repair or upgrade them in-house instead of sending it to another location like most retailers, saving customers much time and money. If you want to be a part of a technology franchise that is a top pick for consumers’ laptop needs, Device Pitstop is waiting for you.

You can learn all about how to start a franchise from us on and all the benefits that come with it. Not only will you own a company with a fantastic business model, but you will have multiple revenue streams that contribute to greater profit margins including service, sales, eBay store, and providing mobile Internet access. The niche market we serve has little competition, so you are bound to be the top choice for all laptop needs in your area. As an added bonus, we assist with all marketing and advertising needs. Our stores earn more than twice the profit margins of Best Buy, so become part of the Device Pitstop family. Log on to to learn what you need to do and contact a representative today!

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Welcome to the Device Pitstop Blog! In the future, we hope to add some informative entries about understanding the evolving world of consumer electronics.  We also aim to inform our customers about taking care of and understanding your laptop.  Check back in for future blog entries!