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67 Rad Tech Companies to Keep an Eye On

65 rad companies Device Pitstop

Here is a list of some of the coolest tech companies located near each of the Device Pitstop locations (links underneath the graphic):

Anchorage, AK


Virtual Reality Rental Co

Virtual Reality Rental Co is Anchorage’s premier virtual reality rental service, and they’re available for parties, corporate events, and anything you can think of.



Arctic IT

Anchorage-based Arctic IT is a veteran-run tech company that specializes in tribal enterprises, managed services, and app services.



Science Applications International Corporation

SAIC Anchorage is a branch of the worldwide tech integrator specializing in technical, engineering, intelligence, and enterprise-focused services.



Simply Social

Anchorage-born Simply Social makes easy work of collaboration by combining social media with content creation software, so your whole team can work in one place.



Glendale, CO



Thrivepass is an employee benefits hub that makes managing and understanding employee benefits easier and (no kidding) fun!




BurstiQ software solves the problem of scattered healthcare data by offering a place for users to store data securely.



Guild Education

Guild is all about helping employers offer education as a benefit, and they’re focused on making it easier than ever for employees to balance work and education.  




MeetMindful is a dating app that operates on a higher plane: it’s all about creating connections between people who value mindfulness, intentional living, health, and wellness.




FareHarbor is online booking software for tour and travel companies. It puts all the info in one place, so tour vendors can spend more time focusing on their services, and less time on their booking system.



Highlands Ranch, CO



Gusto is an online payroll, benefits, and HR platform that makes running your small business easier than ever. Really.




Revolar believes that everyone has the right to feel safe. That’s why they built a wearable personal safety device that everyone can use, at any time, in any place.



Altitude Digital

Altitude Digital is a video ad agency dedicated to building powerful video advertising by leveraging technology, skills, and expertise.



AMP Robotics

AMP Robotics builds robots specifically designed for recycling. Their robots can scan, identify, pick, and recover recyclables, so less recyclable material ends up in the landfill.


Overland Park, KS


Rx Savings Solutions

Rx Savings Solutions is all about educating consumers on their medication options, whether it be prescription drug costs, alternative treatment options, or navigating complicated benefits plans.




RiskGenius uses artificial intelligence to analyze insurance policies in order to facilitate policy automation.




Pumpic is cell phone and tablet monitoring software aimed at providing parents with ultimate control over their child’s device usage and online safety.




Foresite provides software that monitors cyber security and compliance issues, so business owners and stakeholders can enjoy some peace of mind when it comes to digital assets.




Menufy allows you to order food from your favorite restaurants and pay ahead of time, and they even take Bitcoin.



Lexington, KY


Space Tango

Space Tango is an out-of-this-world, full service R&D organization dedicated to taking the guesswork out of working in microgravity, so researchers can focus on doing research.



Awesome Inc

Awesome Inc is dedicated to creating and growing high tech start-ups through shared resource workshops, education events, and co-working spaces.




Medmovie translates complex medical information into easy-to-use visual media through animated and interactive media storytelling methods.




Xooker is an game app that allows users to earn rewards for shopping at their favorite restaurants and shops.



Grandville, MI


Atomic Object

Atomic Object is a software development company with the tools and skill to create custom software solutions focused on growth and innovation.




Bluewater is an experiential marketing agency that leverages technology and A.V. integration to create customer experiences that make a lasting impression.



AOV Experience

AOV is a Grand Rapids’ mobile VR company that specializes in creating custom virtual reality experiences for all ages. They even do weddings!



Treefort VR

Treefort VR is a provider of custom-created VR content for businesses, healthcare providers, filmmakers, gamers, and pretty much anyone else who’s into virtual reality.



VR Therapy and Counseling Center

The VR Therapy and Counseling Center takes virtual reality to a whole new level by using VR technology as an integral part of patient treatment.



Burnsville, MN


Player’s Health

Player’s Health is a sports injury management platform that collects and synthesizes sports-injury data to help you manage, report, and spot trends as you manage the health of your team.




Minneapolis-based Mentormate is a software developer focused on building custom solutions that match client needs from end to end.



Tech Guru

Tech Guru is an app developer focused on building customer-centric apps to give businesses a competitive advantage.




TechGen is an IT solutions provider dedicated to providing small businesses with bullet-proof, custom technology and Minnesota-nice tech support.  



Eden Prairie, MN

Voxel Virtual Reality Parlor

Voxel is Minnesota’s first virtual reality arcade. They’ve got VR games for groups or individuals, and they’re constantly on the lookout for the best VR content on the market.



Power Objects

Power Objects is a premier provider of CRM service, support, education, and add-on solutions for Microsoft 365.



Trexin is a Minneapolis-based management consulting firm that specializes in providing technology solutions that drive business value.




SportsEngine provides software specifically designed to help coaches manage sports teams better, so they can focus on coaching instead of all that admin stuff.




Aftercode is a tech developer obsessed with harnessing the potential of artificial intelligence to make work fun.



Maple Grove, MN


The Nerdery

The Nerdery is a big group of nerdy nerds who happen to be really great at creating experiences and software to fit your digital strategy.



Field Nation

Field nation is a digital platform that connects skilled service providers with companies and people who need them.




Agosto is a Google Cloud Premier Partner and cloud product developer specializing in custom cloud solutions.  




Revel is a data driven healthcare engagement platform focused on getting people to do things that are good for them.



Maplewood, MN


Adventures with VR

Adventures with VR is a virtual reality event provider that specializes in business, tradeshow, school, and private events.




MediaBeacon is a digital asset management provider that supports the storage, organization, and retrieval of digital assets.




Clockwork is an experience design and tech agency driven by innovation, transformation, and and insatiable drive to dominate the digital landscape.




Whizkids is a digital agency that’s all about providing people-centric managed IT services, unified communication, and cloud management.



Terrapin Technologies

As a specialist in software geared specifically toward all things financial management, Terrapin Technologies is the financial service industry’s best friend.



Minnetonka, MN



Visual is a virtual reality tech company invested in bringing the goods (for the greater good) through wellness VR, apps, and 360 video.



GoKart Labs

GoKart Labs is a digital innovation lab and incubator that’s wholly driven by the desire to invent, make, market, and transform.




Jamf is a provider of Apple management solutions for your small business, school, or growing enterprise.




Code42 is a premier provider of digital data security focused on providing super-fast service, comprehensive backup and recovery, and majorly secure data protections.




Kidizen is an online resale marketplace designed for moms who want to buy or sell thier gently used children’s clothing, and it’s an online community where moms can share the joys and challenges of motherhood.



Henderson, NV



Influencer is an AI and data driven platform that matches brands with social media influencers from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube.  




Wax uses blockchain technology to facilitate transactions in the virtual marketplace in order to allow users to easily exchange virtual assets for Wax tokens, which can be exchanged for cryptocurrency.




Pigeonly is an app that makes communicating with your incarcerated loved one easier, cheaper, and more accessible than ever.



Las Vegas, NV (Centennial)



Zirtual connects well trained, meticulous, and detail-oriented virtual assistants with the people who need them.




PillDrill is a medication tracking system that scans, tracks, and aggregates all your daily medication usage info, and puts it all in a handy dashboard that you can access through an app.




Kaptyn is a Smart Taxi technology provider dedicated to providing taxi service that’s regulated, sustainable, and innovative.




Wedgies is polling software that allows you to embed polls anywhere on your website, so you can collect whatever data you’re looking for.




Zora is property management software that makes renting easier for renters and landlords by taking all the busy work out of finding and renting an apartment.



Las Vegas, NV (Chinatown)



Checkio turns coding into a game, literally. Users learn to code by building a space base using code, and then by conquering other space bases the same way.



VR Adventures

VR Adventures is a virtual reality arcade with a ton of different gaming experiences, so users can be a superhero, fight zombies, or ride a VR roller coaster.




AFwerX is a branch of Defensewerx that’s totally devoted to pioneering and designing tech solutions for the US Air Force.




iStreamPlanet uses technology to create solutions in the OTT media space, all with a keen eye on facilitating the best experience for the end user.




Smartcare is software centered on providing an administrative, payment, and communication platform for childcare providers and parents.



Newport News, VA



Alion engineers science and tech solutions that support national security.



Marton Technologies

Marton Technologies provides end-to-end cyber security and threat management services for government and commercial customers.



PenSoft is a payroll solutions software provider for small to mid-sized businesses. They’re committed to providing easy-to-use financial software, plus free tech support.




Ario is a pioneer in augmented reality, mixed reality, and virtual reality content creation, and they specialize in services for the commercial, medical, construction, and military industries.