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More Audiobook Sources Coming to iTunes

Check out this quick article from theverge.com, which explains how you’ll soon see more audiobook sources available on iTunes:

Photo courtesy of theverge.com
Photo courtesy of theverge.com

Apple and Amazon end decade-long audiobook exclusivity deal

Regulators said the deal was limiting competition

By Jacob Kastrenakes

Apple and Amazon have agreed to end an exclusivity agreement that made Audible the only seller of audiobooks inside of iTunes.

The agreement had been in place for over a decade, since 2003, but came to an end earlier this month following complaints from German publishers and investigations by European antitrust regulators, who were concerned that the agreement was stifling competition and raising prices.

Regulators began investigating in late 2015. It appears all investigations are being suspended in light of the companies’ decisions to end the exclusivity agreement.

“With the deletion of the exclusivity agreement, Apple will now have the opportunity to purchase digital audiobooks from other suppliers,” Andreas Mundt, president of Germany’s antitrust agency, said in a statement. “This will enable a wider range of offer and lower prices for consumers.”

In a statement, Audible confirmed that it had removed the exclusivity provision in its agreement with Apple, and added that it will continue to offer audiobooks through iTunes. Apple did not respond to a request for comment.

The European Commission said it welcomed the agreement. It said the change is “likely to improve competition” for audiobook distribution in Europe — though, since the agreement applied elsewhere, it could have the same affect globally, too.

Audible has dominated the audiobook market for years now. And with iTunes being one of the key places that consumers go to buy audiobooks, the agreement could have put serious limitations on the industry. Publishers either had to go through Audible, or miss out on a major storefront. They’ll now be able to go directly to Apple for distribution.

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New Safety Update for Google Search app for iOS

Read about the new incognito mode for the Google Search app in this article from techcrunch.com.

Google Search app photo, Device Pitstop
Photo courtesy of techcrunch.com.

Google’s search app now sports an incognito mode

By Sarah Perez

Looking to surf the mobile web privately, but generally prefer the Google Search app over standalone browsers like Safari or Chrome? Then you’ll appreciate the latest update to the Google Search app for iOS, which now introduces an “incognito mode” that you can further protect using Touch ID, along with a host of other changes.

While private browsing has long been an option in most browsers, Google’s search app has been without the feature, despite the fact that many mobile consumers today use Google’s app as their main entry point to the web on their iPhone.

The app today is ranked slightly higher than Google’s Chrome browser, in fact, as the #2 Utility and #30 Overall app on the iTunes App Store, versus Chrome’s #3 and #34 slots in Utilities and Overall, respectively.

To use the new private search feature, you simply toggle on the incognito mode option in the Settings, when you don’t want your search and browsing history saved. In addition, you can also switch on Touch ID for incognito mode, which means that no one but you can re-enter your existing incognito session.

Once enabled, you can even kick off a new incognito mode session via 3D Touch on the app icon.

The addition of incognito mode is the biggest new feature in the updated app, but Google says there have been other tweaks as well, including performance improvements and increased stability on iOS 10, making the app twice as reliable as the earlier version.

Another notable feature is the ability to watch YouTube videos right in the search results. Before, you would have to open a new page or visit the YouTube app.

The update is live now on the App Store.

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