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Device Pitstop Newport News is the First in Virginia—Now Open!

Read about the first Device Pitstop store to open in Virginia in this article from dailypress.com. Congratulations, Device Pitstop Newport News!

Device Pitstop franchisee Paul Washington in his store
Device Pitstop Newport News franchisee Paul Washington.

York County franchisee opens first Virginia Device Pitstop in Newport News Tech Center

Paul Washington of York County is opening a Device Pitstop today in Newport News Tech Center. The franchise repairs computers and cell phones on-site and buys and sells gently used computers and mobile devices.

“I think it’s a service that will fit the area well,” Washington said.

Customers can get laptops, desktop computers, tablets and smartphones below original prices because they are used and refurbished, according to a news release. The store certifies and tests the products, which are backed by 30-day and extended warranties.

The store also sells new accessories, he said.

Washington said he opened his store at 12080 Jefferson Ave. in Tech Center because he liked the new shopping center, which brought new brands to the market. Tech Center is highly visible and the AT&T store next door could bring more walk-in clientele to Device Pitstop, he said.

Device Pitstop started in Las Vegas in 2003 and currently has 10 stores nationwide, but plans to continue growing, according to its website. Washington had been working in a corporate job and wanted to run his own business, particularly one that appealed to his computer geek side.

Hours are 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday-Friday and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. For more information, call the store at 757-234-7565 or visit www.devicepitstop.com/newportnews/.

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Device Pitstop Eden Prairie Grand Opening This Week

The latest Device Pitstop is opening its doors in Eden Prairie, MN, this week. Check out an article featuring the new store in a local newspaper below. Or read it online at swnewsmedia.com

Device Pitstop franchisee Jeff Kiffin standing in his Eden Prairie store
Jeff Kiffin owns the Device Pitstop computer and mobile-device store in Eden Prairie.

Device Pitstop, a national chain that buys, sells, trades, services and upgrades computers and mobile devices at low cost, recently opened in Eden Prairie, according to a news release.

The store is hosting a grand opening on May 5 at its location at 8252 Commonwealth Drive. The activities include $25 gift card giveaways and drawings for tablets, computers and other items. The business is owned by Chanhassen resident Jeff Kiffin.

“Device Pitstop carries a wealth of laptops, desktops, tablets, smartphones and accessories including Windows, Apple, Mac, iPhone and Android devices and parts. They sell certified products well below original prices, backed by 30-day and extended warranties,” according to a news release.

“They buy customer equipment for cash or trade in. They also provide expert on-site repairs and upgrades. Whatever the need, Device Pitstop has a complementary product or service.”

For more information call 952-446-7168 or visit devicepitstop.com/edenprairie.

NTY Franchise’s Veterans Opportunities in Franchising USA

NTY Franchise Company COO Chad Olson on cover of Franchising USA standing in Device Pitstop store

NTY Franchise supports veterans with several opportunities and incentives for franchising its resale stores. Read the Franchising USA article about this topic below, or click here to see the article on franchisingusamagazine.com.

NTY Promises New Challenges, Opportunities for Veterans

One franchise that is in the business of turning the old into the new again wants to help entrepreneurial veterans start a new chapter of their lives.

NTY, standing for ‘New To You’ is a company that owns the franchising rights to five brands in the resale retail industry: Clothes Mentor, Children’s Orchard, Device Pit Stop, New Uses and NTY Clothing Exchange.

“Our main goal is to sell franchises and then support the franchisees that we sell them to,” NTY’s chief operating officer Chad Olson said during a recent interview from the company’s headquarters in Minneapolis.

Clothes Mentor, which buys and sells used women’s fashion and accessories, started franchising in 2007. Currently, it has 140 stores open and 43 stores sold and awaiting opening.

Acquired by NTY in early 2014, Children’s Orchard buys and sells gently used kids items. It currently has 27 stores open with two sold and awaiting opening.

Device Pit Stop, meanwhile, has 11 stores open with another 10 sold and awaiting opening. NTY acquired the brand’s franchise rights in the fall of 2013. It buys and sells used electronics.

Buying and selling used home goods like furniture, artwork and small appliances is the business model for New Uses. The brand has 11 stores open with one sold and awaiting opening and it’s been around since 2011.

And with two stores open and four sold and awaiting opening, NTY Clothing Exchange, which buys and sells clothes in the teen and young adult market, started franchising in Mid-2014.

The Need for Used to New

In a world that is increasingly looking for environmentally friendly ways to deal with everything, all of NTY’s brands offer that coveted green alternative for people’s old clothing and other items, Olson said, giving people the option of getting cash for the stuff they’re no longer using rather than just throwing it away.

And with consumers often being highly cost conscious, NTY also gives them a way to save money, with products selling for, on average, 70 percent less than they would be sold as new.

All of the NTY brands make sure the items people bring them have resale value. It has to be in good condition and, in the case of apparel, it also has to be in style. Each brand will evaluate a product and they all have a pricing matrix they use to make sure they’re selling items at a price that gives value to the customer and also the business.

In the Beginning

Clothes Mentor was founded in Columbus, OH. with a store in that city and another one in Canton, OH. Olson and his father, Ron Olson, decided to go into business together, both having Resale/Retail franchising experience with another company.

When they began looking at what opportunities were out there for their own business, they found out about Clothes Mentor and noted the two stores were doing quite well. From there, the father and son negotiated the franchising rights to that brand and have been adding to the NTY family since.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

While their franchisees come from all walks of life — from teachers to former professional bull riders — they all have one thing in common and that’s the one thing NTY wants in a franchisee.

“We want people who have that entrepreneurial spirit,” Olson said.

They must have motivation and they must also have accumulated some wealth in the past that they’re able to invest.

While the company has just a handful of veteran franchisees at the moment, Olson is looking to change that, as he knows veterans have a stellar reputation as franchisees.

Veterans’ dedication and commitment to carrying out the processes they’ve been taught is what makes them good franchisees, he noted.

“That’s what franchising is all about, taking the business model and the processes that we have proven to be profitable and teaching it to others,” Olson said. “People who have had that military experience following processes fit really well into a franchise system because they will take those processes that we have developed to run and execute a successful business model and follow those processes to a tee.”

NTY has just submitted its application to join veteran franchising organization VetFran. Currently, veterans receive a $2,500 discount off any NTY franchising fee.

As an added incentive — and this goes for any franchisee — three of NTY’s brands also offer a $40,000 jump start program.

Any franchisee that opens an NTY Clothing Exchange, a Children’s Orchard or a New Uses will receive a $20,000 marketing contribution from NTY when their store opens. In addition to that, every six months after their grand opening, they will receive an additional $5,000 marketing contribution from the parent company over a two-year period, totaling a $40,000 contribution toward marketing from NTY.

Training and Support

NTY helps franchisees find the right real estate, helps them procure financing, and brings them to Minneapolis for three weeks of comprehensive training in every aspect of running their business.

The company also offers support on site when franchisees are building out their store and getting it ready to open to ensure it’s being built out properly, they’re acquiring inventory properly and their employees are being trained properly. Then they’ll let the franchisee start running their store and come back out to help franchisees with their grand opening. NTY representatives will visit again 90 days after grand opening, a minimum of three times in that first year to check on inventory, customer service and if franchisees need any additional training.

Each brand has its own regional operations managers, which are assigned to franchisees. Each regional manager has about 20 or 30 franchisees in their region and their main goal is to be a small business consultant. They have monthly consultation calls with franchisees and answer any questions they have and visit franchisees at least once per year.

Expansion and Experience

All of NTY’s brands are open to expanding anywhere in the United States. The collective experience of everyone who is involved with NTY is a huge incentive for any frachisee to choose one of the company’s brands for opening a business, Olson said. Each brand has a vice president in charge of it, he explained, and all of those vice presidents have over 20 years of experience in the retail resale sector. His father, who is president of the company, has 30-plus years of experience in the sector and when you add in Olson’s 22 years of experience, that’s a lot of knowledge for new franchisees to draw from.

For veterans who are looking to make a new start in life, NTY gives them an opportunity to make that new start a success.

Device Pitstop Opens in Alaska

Device Pitstop Archorage franchisee Scott Stansbury standing in his store
Device Pitstop Archorage franchisee Scott Stansbury inside his new store.

One of our newest franchisees, Scott Stansbury, was recently featured in Alaska Business Monthly. Read the article about the opening of his Device Pitstop store in Anchorage, Alaska, below.

Device Pitstop, a national chain that buys, sells, trades, services and upgrades computers and mobile devices at low cost, is opening in Anchorage.  It’s a brand-new concept here — a one-stop solution to personal technology needs.

Device Pitstop carries a wealth of computers, tablets, smartphones and accessories including Windows, Apple, Mac and Android devices and parts.  They sell certified products well below original prices, backed by a 90-day warranty.  They buy customer equipment for cash or trade in.  The store also provides expert on-site repairs and upgrades.  Strategically, they offer a knowledgeable, transparent and value-oriented environment.

Device Pitstop opened March 17th at 701 W. 36th Avenue between Seward Highway and Minnesota Drive.   Call 907-644-0405 or check www.devicepitstop.com/anchorage-midtown/.

According to store owner Scott Stansbury, Device Pitstop sells quality used computers from $99 and factory-refurbished units from $250.  There are all major PC and Apple brands with a range of modern operating systems.  Device Pitstop also sells popular tablets and smartphones.  All are backed by 90-day hardware warranties and available extended-service plans.  All previously-owned devices are wiped-clean of personal information, given a fresh new operating system, and rigorously tested to deliver top-line working equipment at great prices.

Device Pitstop buys used products and helps customers convert their working and non-working devices into cash.  Technicians quickly inspect devices, offer a price quote and pay on the spot.   They also offer trade-in for another product at great prices – and can transfer all music, pictures, and documents at a nominal cost. 

All device repairs and upgrades are performed in-house by expert technicians and usually same day.  Unlike big-box stores, computers are not sent to the Lower 48 or need weeks for repair.  And owner Scott Stansbury stresses transparency, explaining diagnoses, showing parts and inviting customers to watch repairs.

Device Pitstop technicians are certified, have all modern tools and parts available, and can even repair older computers.  Upgrades include additional RAM, hard-drive installation, anti-virus/anti-spyware software installation, operating system upgrades and more.  Tablet and smartphone repairs can include replacement of broken LCD, glass screens and batteries.

Accessories include laptop batteries, AC adapters, iPhone adapter cables, iPad accessories, smartphone cases, headphones and speakers.

Importantly, Device Pitstop has a green philosophy tied to recycling used equipment, not sending them to the landfill.  They bring non-working computers back to life or utilize good components in other repairs.  They safely dispose of other items by recycling in an environmentally-responsible manner that follows stringent state requirements.

According to store owner Scott Stansbury, Device Pitstop – Anchorage is a friendly neighborhood center for affordable computers, tablets, smartphones, accessories, repairs and upgrades.  He’s seen strong public enthusiasm, great word of mouth and more than 400 Facebook page likes, even before the store opened.  With his W. 36th Avenue location now open and a second store planned next year, Stansbury expects to be a major personal technology resource here.

Click here to see the article on the Alaska Business Monthly website.