Happy Earth Day!


Device Pitstop graphic with earth and text that says Earth Day April 22

At Device Pitstop, we’re all about being kind to the earth while still offering you great buys on refurbished and “gently-used” tablets, iPads, smartphones, iPhones,  laptops, MacBooks, desktop computers, and iMacs.

Recycling is important to us – and we think that reusing computers and various parts is a great way to recycle. At our stores, “gently-used” devices are either brought back to life or we use the parts to repair other devices. For anything that is no longer usable, we take it to a local recycling center.

We are always looking to maximize the value of your devices and minimize the impact on the environment. We’re thankful for earth day…and we’re glad we’re in the resale business – the type of business that’s kind to the earth every day of the year.