Computer Franchise Opportunity In Your Area

If you have the skills and ambition to manage a thriving business, you need to select a business plan that you can count on being successful. The good news is that you do not have to do it alone! Device Pitstop is here to offer the computer franchise opportunity of a lifetime. Did you know that it is estimated that over 41 million laptops were sold in the United States last year alone? There are many people who are certified to work on desktop computers, but laptops are a niche service that few have the technical knowledge to work on. Device Pitstop has capitalized on the high demand in this unsaturated market by opening up retail stores that provide completely in-house repairs, upgrades and other services for laptops and other mobile devices. We also buy, sell and trade laptops for reasonable prices. All Device Pitstop technicians are certified by our propriety DP program so that consumers get their laptops repaired quickly by highly skilled staff. It is no wonder that our profit margins are more than double of Best Buy’s and our average gross sales are over $1.3 million dollars. You can learn how to really take advantage of this computer franchise opportunity on

By now you may be worried about your lack of technical skills, but there is no need to worry. If you are a skilled business manager, we will give you 2 weeks of extensive training in one of our stores to prepare you for your own branch. In addition, we will help you with your grand opening and take care of all local and national marketing and advertising. Oddly enough, none of our retail store managers consider themselves to be computer geeks. What all our branch owners share in common is the ability to manage people, property, finances and products effectively. Take advantage of this computer franchise opportunity and you will become a member of the Device Pitstop family.

Our business model has proved itself time and time again, so why not give it a shot? It is hard to fail with multiple streams of revenue including in-store sales, service, eBay store, and being a mobile Internet service provider. Our training will give you the tools to get you started. We teach you the essentials of business management, focusing on orientation, company overview, store organization, understand our business model, hiring staff and other information. We will also help you with marketing with regards to store location, advertising, budgeting, merchandising, signage, opening campaign, and form a grassroots local marketing strategy. The final part of the training will inform you about operating the business, from product knowledge, vendors, inventory, customer service, buying used products and other operations. Our support services will help you with the grand opening, enterprise communication, reviewing weekly sales figures, networking, research and development and a planned yearly convention. Log on to Device Pitstop’s Franchise Website to find out if we are looking to expand in your area and other criteria. This computer franchise opportunity is waiting for you, and it is easier to get started than you think.