Techie Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Tablets are on the list of the best techie gift ideas to give this holiday season. Read about some top tablet options in this excerpt from an article from

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The 2016 Tech Gift Guide: The Best Tablets, Headphones, and Gadgets

By Paste Tech

A recent survey showed that Americans will spend an estimated $75 billion on gadgets and tech gifts this holiday season. Along with that, the survey found that more than 50 percent of Americans plan on buying some kind of electronic gift for their loved one this holiday season.

That’s why we’ve put together our recommendations on what kind of pieces of consumer tech would make the best gifts. You’ll find the best of tablets, smartwatches, headphones, smart home, home audio, and even laptops that will be sure to make people happy on Christmas morning.


That same aforementioned survey showed that upwards of 37 percent of shoppers planned on purchasing a tablet for someone else. Unlike smartphones, which can get messy as a gift thanks to carriers and data plans, tablets are a great gift for an individual or even shared for a whole family.

When people think of tablets, the first place they go is iPads, which is understandable given how prevalent they are. Whether it’s the premium iPad Pro or the more affordable iPad mini, an iPad will always be an impressive gift. This year, the iPad mini 4 is a fantastic buy at $399 for someone who wants something portable and designed for consuming media. There are a number of stores with discounts for iPads this holiday season, so you may even be able to an iPad mini 4 for as little as $275.

Aside from an iPad, you’ve got a few other options for tablets. On the far cheap end of things, you’ve got the LG G Pad X 8.0 to talk about. You may not have heard of the LG G Pad X 8.0 (which yes, is an unfortunate name), but it’s a new midrange tablet from LG available exclusively for T-Mobile. It works best as an e-reader, with the balance of a large screen and portable size you’ll find in an Android tablet. The bright screen works well even outside—though you may want to find some shade. However, the Reading Mode makes late-night reading easy on the eyes, and the versatility of Android 6.0 Marshmallow lets you read e-books from almost any digital bookshelf out there including comics.

Another unique option is the Lenovo Yoga Tab Pro 3. This is another Android tablet, but one unlike anyone you’ve ever seen; it comes with a built-in projector. Just pull out the kickstand and you’ve got the ability to shoot an image up on your blank wall straight from the back of the device. While it doesn’t project in 1080p or anywhere near 1000 lumens, the result is still impressive and unique in a remarkably small package. At $499 it’s the same price as the iPad mini 4, though it offers a very different experience using it.

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Device Pitstop Glendale Talks Data Security

When it’s time to upgrade to a new smartphone, tablet or other device, be sure to clear all of your important data from your old device. In this video, Device Pitstop Glendale talks about how to keep your data safe and secure when switching to a new device. Watch the video now to learn how Device Pitstop Glendale can assist you with data security:

Device Pitstop is Making a Splash in Minnesota and Beyond

Check out an excerpt from a article below, which explains the growing used-electronics retail market and features Device Pitstop as an up-and-coming franchise serving this market in the Twin Cities and beyond.

device pitstop staff helping customer
Photo from Device Pitstop.

Used electronics retail market boots up in the Twin Cities

By John Ewoldt

Amanda LaGrange dumped the title “Tech Dump.”

When the CEO of the nonprofit Tech Dump, a St. Paul-based collector and recycler of used, obsolete and damaged electronics, decided to open a new retail store to sell them, she figured “Tech Discounts” would be more enticing.

“We’d been selling refurbs for years in a corner of our Golden Valley warehouse, but when we decided to get serious about it, we rebranded,” she said.

Getting serious means that the new Tech Discounts store in Bloomington operates strictly as a store. The two locations in Golden Valley and St. Paul will continue to use the Tech Dump name for collection, recycling, repairing and refurbishing. The Bloomington location and the store within the Golden Valley facility are called Tech Discounts.

By recycling and reselling used electronics for 50 to 75 percent less than new, the company has kept more than 75 million pounds of electronics out of the waste stream. Fifteen percent of that amount is refurbished.

Tech Dump is one of more than 270 electronics recyclers in Minnesota, but it is in rare company selling used electronics.

Device Pitstop, a for-profit franchised business owned by the same company that franchises Clothes Mentor, debuted last year in the Twin Cities. It now has locations in Burnsville, Eden Prairie, Maple Grove, Maplewood and Minnetonka with plans to expand in Woodbury and Edina next year.

“Our store revenue is up 20 percent over 2015,” said Michael D. Smith, vice president of operations. “There’s always been resistance buying used electronics so people need assurance the product will work.”

Device Pitstop offers a 30-day warranty and just instituted an optional recurring warranty for $3.99 to $9.99 a month. Tech Discounts will repair or replace any item that fails within six months. Customers can get a refund for any reason within 30 days.

Giving consumers confidence to buy used, LaGrange hopes Tech Discounts can expand its Twin Cities presence to five locations. Another reason that used electronics retail stores are popping up is the collapse in commodity prices for metals, plastics and aluminum.

Besides selling used electronics at the Bloomington and Golden Valley locations, Tech Discounts will also do repairs and accept electronics donations.

It is a Microsoft registered repair shop that uses R2 certification for data destruction and compliant with the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the Department of Defense.

General Manager Brian Bernhardt expects laptops and any Apple product to be best sellers. In a sampling of used products this week, the store had a 55-inch Samsung plasma TV for $599, a 13-inch MacBook Pro with 8GB memory, retina display and last year’s operating system for $999, a Dell desktop tower with Windows 7 Pro for $219 and an iPhone 6 Plus for $349.

Tech Dump and Tech Discounts operate under the umbrella of the Jobs Foundation, a nonprofit started in 2010 to employ adults with barriers to employment. Last year the foundation, which is 98 percent self-funded, employed 68 adults who had been incarcerated or treated for chemical dependency. […]

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