Sell Your Used Electronics in Burnsville, MN


Tired of looking at old, unused electronics lying around the house? Ready to make some cold hard cash? Then bring your old electronics into Device Pitstop Burnsville and will pay you cash for gadgets you no longer use or want. It doesn’t matter if they’re gently-used or broken. We buy working and non-working items.

We pay cash on-the-spot for old computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and so much more. Our process is quick and easy. You just bring in your gadgets and walk away more money than you came in with in under 30 minutes.

We don’t forget about your data, either. At Device Pitstop, we remove all of your information from the hard drive. It’s like it was never there. For a small fee, we can also backup the data for you, give you a copy, and then wipe it clean.

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Brands We Work With

We buy a plethora of consumer electronic brands for cold hard cash. Some of the brands we work with more than others include:

  • Apple
  • Acer
  • Asus
  • Lenovo
  • HTC
  • LG
  • HP
  • Microsoft
  • Samsung
  • Sony
    …And More!

This list is far from conclusive. We work with a number of other brands, too. If you have any consumer electronics to sell, just bring them in. We are always buying at Device Pitstop.

Devices We Accept

We work with and purchase a variety of consumer electronics devices, including:


We buy a wide range of smartphones, including all models of iPhones and a variety of Android model phones.

Laptop Computers

If you’re looking to get rid of and sell your old laptop, we’re buying. Whether it’s a MacBook or another brand of laptop, we want it.

Desktop Computers

From iMacs to desktops, we’re always ready and willing to buy old desktop computers.


Tablets have become increasingly popular. We buy iPads and other tablet brands.

Gaming Consoles

We also buy used gaming consoles like Xbox, Playstation, and more.

As always, this list is far from extensive. If you’re have consumer electronic devices for sale, just bring them in. Device Pitstop Burnsville is continually adding to our inventory.

Why Should You Sell Your Devices

If you’re looking to sell old electronics, we know you have choices in Burnsville. While you may have options, we believe that Device Pitstop is the premier buyer of gently-used electronics in the area.

Here are a few reasons are repeat customers keep selling with us:

  • Cold Hard Cash: There’s nothing like walking into our store with a few devices you haven’t used in years and walking out with cold hard cash in your pocket. The process takes less than 30 minutes and you leave with more money than you came in with. Not store credit. Not a gift card. CASH!
  • Quickest Way: There’s no quicker way to get some money than selling your electronics at Device Pitstop. Within 30 minutes, you have money in your hands. No waiting around. No waiting for payment. Just money on-demand.
  • No Hassles: When you sell online, you have to work through online payment process, shipping issues, and customer complaints. With Device Pitstop, there are no hassles. You just bring the gadgets in, we buy them, and off you go.
  • Fair Pricing: At Device Pitstop Burnsville, we see ourselves as part of the community. As such, we never try to rip you off. Our reputation matters too much. We want you telling your friends and family how much of a pleasure it was to do business with us. We want referral business. So we always treat you fairly and offer great payments for used products.
  • Always Buying: We’re also always buying. With an ever-changing inventory, Device Pitstop is continually buying gently-used and broken consumer electronics. If you want to get cash for it, we’re always willing to pay top-dollar.

What’s the Process Like?

Alright, so what is the selling process like at Device Pitstop? Well, it’s fairly simple. We want to make things easy on our customers. Here’s how things typically go:

You gather up all the devices you want to sell. Make sure you grab the chargers, AC adapters, and all. Then head down to our convenient Burnsville location.

Our courteous staff will greet you as you walk in. Once we know you want to sell, we’ll take your items and have one of our certified technicians take a look at them. We’ll run some diagnostic and functionality tests to determine what kind of condition the devices are in.

Then our tech will make an estimated value. Once we have that value, a manager will look at the value, compare online prices, and then come up with a number we can offer you.

The manager will come find you, offer you what we can in cash and trade-in value. Then it’s up to you to decide what you want to do. If you want the cash, we finalize the transaction with a little paperwork and then you’re done.

For most sellers, the process takes around 20 minutes or so. You walk in Device Pitstop and about 20 minutes later you have more cash in your pocket.

Where to Find Us!

Device Pitstop Burnsville is conveniently located in the heart of town. Our address is:

1603 County Road 42 W Burnsville, Minnesota 55306

We’re located off County Rd 42 W, next to LA Fitness and Chancellor Manor. If you’re struggling to find us, please reach out. One of our courteous staff members looks forward to helping you find your way:

(952) 303-5663

Selling Your Used Electronics Today

There’s no better place to sell your old electronics than Device Pitstop in Burnsville. We’ll pay top-dollar for a variety of devices. Just come in and walk away with more money than you came in with – all in under 30 minutes!

Burnsville, MN


1603 County Road 42 W
Burnsville, Minnesota 55306

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