Battery Life

Technology can be frustrating.  When you buy a laptop, you expect the mobility that comes with your purchase.  However, batteries are like food: they have a natural shelf life that depletes over time.   Laptop batteries lose capacity if kept at 1) high temperatures and 2) a full charge.  According to one estimate, a laptop that is at a full charge at room temperature loses 20% of its capacity for good.  Put another way, a fully charged laptop operating in 70-80 degrees F will last about 5 years. 

Most laptop batteries last 2-3 hours on one charge with normal use.  Obviously, the more things you are doing, the faster the battery is drained.  Can you get a longer charge out of your battery?  Sure, if you want to shut the LCD screen off and not use the computer.  Therefore, expecting more than 2-3 hours under normal working conditions might be unrealistic.  For customers that want greater life, some models offer extended-life batteries, which can last 4-8 hours.  Battery life is typically longer in computers with smaller screen, such as netbooks. 

At Device Pitstop, we offer a wide variety of batteries on all models.  Many of these batteries are already in stock, but some might require a special order.  With the exception of Apple batteries and extended life batteries, we keep it simple by offering all batteries at the same price. 

Batteries can be very fickle and frustrating.  Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Keep your computer at a relatively low temperature: for example, do not keep it in a hot car or extreme heat.  The best temperature range is 30-60 degrees F.
  2. Dim your screen when in use.
  3. Do not keep your laptop battery installed when your laptop is plugged in with its power strip for an extended period of time.  Although watch out if there is a power outage.
  4. Turn off unused hardware/software or features on your computer.  Remember, the less your computer has to work, the less it needs to use your battery.